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Achieve food security, end hunger, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture through bio-innovation

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Welcome To Greenbay Biotech
The Future Of Agro-Tech

Greenbay is committed to advancing sustainable agriculture to enrich lives in our country for generations to come. We bring innovative and reliable products to the farmers that meet pressing unmet needs in agriculture and further encourage, support, accelerate and scale-up farm produce to achieve sustainable goals.




The best crop protection comes from its own plant resistance, which is why a healthy soil biology is essential for healthy crops

Sir Pius Floris, Director Advisor, Plant Health Cure B.V. Netherland

Remarkable Benefits

We’re devoted to protecting and improving the soil and plant health. We know that the soil, water and plant health are all interconnected in delivering benefits for an affordable and abundant food supply. Hence, we are dedicatedly providing the world’s best solution for improving soil and plant health to obtain higher yield.

Our Product Range

The company offers comprehensive range of agricultural solutions to improve quality and yield of the produce. GBIPL is set to bring positive changes to the environment through technologically advanced farming solutions. Since soil, water and plant health are three most crucial components responsible for life on earth, the company focus remains primarily on them.

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