Arable Mark

Weather Monitor


An all-in-one weather station and crop monitor, the Arable Mark synthesizes climate and plant data for actionable insights in all growing conditions. A full sensor suite delivers 40+ climate and plant metrics. A global network of 30 calibration-validation sites covers 12 climatic zones to improve machine-learning models for accurate, reliable data. The device features a robust sensor suite, rugged durability, and cutting-edge global cellular connectivity.

Arable captures, aggregates and analyzes both historical and real-time data on crop and microclimate to reduce risk throughout the agricultural supply chain. We work with the most innovative growers and producers to resolve challenges around forecasting the quality, timing and yield of crops. Our measurements are collected by the Arable Mark, which sits above the canopy and monitors crop health and growth, as well as leaf-level weather. The Mark transmits data via Cellular to the Arable web-based platform, providing instant access to crop stats. Hyperlocal, real-time data and analytics empower clients to make more informed decisions around everything from disease and pest management, irrigation, operations and logistics to harvesting and contract procurement.

Simple, Accurate and Durable.

A global solution to managing weather risk and crop health, delivering real-time, actionable insights from your field.

An Integrated Analytics Platform

  • For growers, advisors, and businesses who play a proactive role in the quality and longevity of their operations.
  • The only device on the market to combine weather and plant measurements, sent to the cloud for retrieval anytime, anywhere.
  • Continuous visibility of stress, pest, and disease indicators provides an essential toolkit to empower the people who feed the world.
  • Access your data from anywhere in real time with the Arable software platform.

Intelligence You Can Bet the Farm On

Discover the value of having a real-time weather and crop management tool in the palm of your hand. Data metrics provide a foundation for growers to build smarter operations, be proactive in the face of risk and uncertainty, and remain good stewards of the land for generations to come. The Mark is the only device on the planet to monitor leaf-level weather and phenology stats at once, giving grower’s unparalleled insight into their fields.

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Precipitation Rainfall to within 0.2mm⁄h
Weather Dew Detection
Temperature to 0.75 °C
Relative Humidity to +⁄-3%
Pressure ≤ 0.1% MOE
Evapotranspiration Dynamic Kc
Canopy Temp to +⁄-0.5°C
Full Radiation Budget ≤ 4% MOE
Radiation Solar radiation
PAR ≤ 6% Daily Total
Net Radiation ≤ 10% MOE
Plant Health NDVI
Chlorophyll Index
Seven Band Spectrometer (440 - 510 nm to 930 - 960 nm)
Harvest⁄Event Time Growing Degree Days (GDD)
Integration⁄Accessories Soil Moisture Probes
Wind Speed & Direction
Pressure Switch⁄Transducer & More


Input Power Integrated Solar Module
Optional: 12V DC (Expansion Connector)
6V DC (Ext Solar, Exp Conn)
Communications 2G
Included in Box Arable Mark
12V AC⁄DC Adapter
Quick Start Guide
Device Dimensions 170mm diameter
35mm height (device body)
Package Dimensions 210 x 120 x 210 mm